Saturday, July 13, 2013

Marcy's Animal Blog- Elderly Ellie, The Golden Retriever!

Hello! My name is Ellie. I've been on this blog before. I am, as the title says, elderly.

Even though my muzzle is grey, and my walk not as sure as it use to be, I still love my life!

You may remember that last year I lost my canine friend and companion. Her name was Mattie, and she was like a mother and sister to me, all rolled into one.

At  first, I had  very hard time with loosing Mattie. I was missing her so much! Auntie M came to stay with me for a while. She brought her granddaughter Payton over for a visit! That little girl was only three years old, but seemed to know just what I needed. (Auntie M says this is one of her favorite pictures of Payton, because you can see the kindness and tenderness she showed me!)

This is the feline that lives here. Her name is Mowgli! Even though she's a cat, she's become my friend. Auntie M tried so hard to get a picture of Mowgli and I together, but Mowgli has a mind of her own! You'll be hearing about her another time!

If you're wondering what brings me the most joy in life, I'd say it's a toss up between watching the world go by from my front yard, and FOOD! I may be old, but when Auntie M gets my meal ready, I literally jump for joy! The above picture is of me trying to wait for that food dish!

Yep! Definitely a favorite past time! The only time Mowgli and I have a few "harsh" words is when she wants a share of my food. That is a NO NO!

After my morning walk, which gets a bit shorter as I get older, Auntie M gives me a good brushing! She tells me how pretty I am, how lovely my curly hair is, and how good I'm being to stand still. This is me after one of those wonderful brushings! It feels so good, I almost purr!

I'm going to see Auntie M again in about a month, so maybe she and I will have an adventure or two to  share then!

(From Auntie M)  Ellie has always been a delight to care for. Different in looks and temperament from her former companion Mattie, she seems to have a bit of a playful spirit. (Mattie was more laid back) She is wonderful with children! When ever my grandchildren come to visit, Ellie runs upstairs and grabs a stuffed toy to give to them! As you saw by the picture with my granddaughter, Ellie seems to have a kindred spirit with the little ones! I'm looking forward to spending time with her again in the near future!

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