Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve For Dog Lovers! A Glass Of Wine And Luna, Golden Retriever

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Marcy's Animal Blog- A Quiet Christmas Eve, Just the Two Of Us!


My Christmas really started two days ago. My visitors came in the form of two wonderful Grandchildren and a beautiful Golden Retriever named Lady Luna!

Lady Luna is under my care while her owners are visiting out of state for the Holidays.  Some of you dear readers remember previous blogs about this sweet girl.

I had a few misgivings, since she had not been around my grandchildren before. She loves kids, but when she gets so excited, she tends to be a bit rambunctious.

The Grandkids and I had a special dinner at the famous "Coney Joe's" in Brighton, where we discussed the proper way to get acquainted with a new pup. Evan's 11 years old, and had done this many times. But Payton's only 5, so needed to be schooled in proper "new dog" procedures.

True to form, Lady Luna was pretty excited at first, but it didn't take long for Evan to be pack leader.

He firmly told her to calm down when she got too excited. There she sat, getting petted.

Doesn't she look relaxed? Mission #1 accomplished.

The kids seemed to delight in unpacking my old time decoration treasures and decorating the tree.

Payton found her dad's baby decoration he lovingly called "Twinkle Twinkle"! That ornament is 36 years old!

We had a lovely evening together! They spent the night and went home the next morning.

Today brought rain, more rain, and yet more rain!

Poor Luna only got a few walks in. It was simply too wet for more than a quick walk around the block. She spent most of the day gazing out the door window!  (Me too!)

It was so overcast, I decided to turn on the Christmas lights early this afternoon.

I must admit,  I am enjoying my Grandkid's handy work! They did a wonderful job on the tree!

My Granddaughter Payton decided that my "plant corner" needed some Christmas cheer too!

Grandson Evan encouraged me to start putting up outside lights. As we discussed how far up the tree we should put the lights, Payton said  "We don't want you to try putting them up too high! You're old! You might get hurt!!"

I had to chuckle. On one hand, I'm not THAT old!  But I realize that to a 5 year old, I'm ancient! I couldn't help but be touched by her concern.

So here we are, Luna and I. We're a bit lazy today! It's Christmas Eve, and gift wrapping time.

So- I'll pour a glass of wine and tackle that joyful job as Luna and I watch T.V.

Being a softy for children's movies, we are watching "How To Tame Your Dragon".

May you all have a lovely evening! Tomorrow will be a fun family day for me. So watch for a Christmas blog tomorrow- or perhaps the day after.

May your Christmas adventure be one filled not so much with "stuff" but with good memories of laughter shared, good food, and friendship and family.

If you find yourself alone this Holiday, look for a kindness you can do for a stranger. It's amazing how that can lift your spirits!

                          HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!

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